In May of 2008, I saw an on-line biography about a female Golden Retriever that had been given up by her family and needed a furever home. It was love at first sight. After meeting her in person, it was very obvious that this was a special dog whose lifeforce was off the charts. Supremely confident with amazing self-esteem, she commanded any room she entered. Yet she was gentle and possessed that female Golden "Love me, Love me" persona. Almost three years later, she continued to seduce humans and K9s until the very end. Lady left for the Bridge on March 1st 2011. This is my feeble attempt to illustrate just how special Lady was - Her humble subject, The KT

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Touch me, Pet me, Worship me

Hi, nice to meet you - worthy bipeds
Making herself available in Leavenworth, WA
September 2010

We were sitting on a bench across from these nice ladies. They were working the arts fair, tending their booths. I just dropped the leash and let Lady do her thing. She loved making new friends.

Another new friend in Leavenworth

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