In May of 2008, I saw an on-line biography about a female Golden Retriever that had been given up by her family and needed a furever home. It was love at first sight. After meeting her in person, it was very obvious that this was a special dog whose lifeforce was off the charts. Supremely confident with amazing self-esteem, she commanded any room she entered. Yet she was gentle and possessed that female Golden "Love me, Love me" persona. Almost three years later, she continued to seduce humans and K9s until the very end. Lady left for the Bridge on March 1st 2011. This is my feeble attempt to illustrate just how special Lady was - Her humble subject, The KT

Monday, July 7, 2014

People still ask me about Lady, even after more than 3 years.

"Every once in awhile a dog enters your life and it changes everything"

We have lived here in the same neighborhood (just north of Seattle) for more than eight years. Neighbors within a three mile radius have seen me, many times, walking a Golden (or two). Cosmo, Devo, Lady and now Easton. All the dogs have been friendly, but none have endeared herself to both friends and strangers like Lady. They always remember her. She is like that great teacher or coach you had in school. Even if your interaction was only 30 seconds, you always felt that their attention was completely focused on you for the duration of your meet. You were "special" in the eyes of this lovely, Golden magical being and you loved it.

In the last two week, by chance, I've run into 3 people during Easton's and my short walks who have chatted me up about my Goldens. Each had met 2 or more of my other dogs. Two of them asked about (I'll paraphrase) "the one who nudged my hand and had the white mask". The other neighbor knew her name (surprised me).

It's been over three years since she left for the bridge. I had another encounter with a hummingbird yesterday. Can't say it was a visit from Lady's spirit, but it reminded me to sit down and write a bit about how she changed everything.