In May of 2008, I saw an on-line biography about a female Golden Retriever that had been given up by her family and needed a furever home. It was love at first sight. After meeting her in person, it was very obvious that this was a special dog whose lifeforce was off the charts. Supremely confident with amazing self-esteem, she commanded any room she entered. Yet she was gentle and possessed that female Golden "Love me, Love me" persona. Almost three years later, she continued to seduce humans and K9s until the very end. Lady left for the Bridge on March 1st 2011. This is my feeble attempt to illustrate just how special Lady was - Her humble subject, The KT

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lady Pals - Buddy

Buddy has a history with two of my dogs: Devo and Lady. He belongs to the Greens; Andi's sister and her family. I used to puppy sit Buddy when he was a rambunctious 6 month old. This was the winter of Devo's life and he was not happy about this youngster invading his mellow space (he finally knew how Cosmo felt when he came home with me at 6 weeks old). Of course, he put up with it and tried everything to avoid playful attacks.

Devo sez: Thank god, he's finally asleep

Buddy is a typical goofy Lab mix (he allegedly has a Flat Coat somewhere in his gene pool). Today, he is 4 years old and hasn't changed much from his puppy terror days. Buddy is still very energetic and has matured into a handsome Black Lab. He really is a "good boy". Buddy and Lady became instant friends, sharing toys, playing and barking at Buddy's neighbor's yappy rat dog. It was a lot of fun to watch. When Buddy & Lady were together at our house, he was just one of the pack and was a joy to be around. Lady's calm, confident energy was just what Buddy needed. She fed off Buddy's high energy antics, reverting to occasional bouts of puppy play. It was like being in the their own private dog park every day.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lady Pals - Rocky

When Lady first came to her furever home with us, we were pretty sure she would make new doggy friends quickly. As it turned out, Lady liked most dogs, but did not tolerate grouchy, dominate dogs that wanted to push her around. My sister has a young Welsh Terrier who had a reputation of running roughshod over visitors, two or four legged. When they first met, Lady (with her confident, even tempered energy) ignored Rocky's antics and they soon became fast friends. For almost 3 years Rocky and Lady spent a lot of time together. Lady and I gladly accepted any request to dog sit Rocky . We became a tight, stable pack and had lots of fun playing "Rocky chases the toy and Lady chases Rocky". The Rock still gets excited when I visit (now without Lady) and it seems like he knows that something is missing. Yes Rocky my boy, I miss her too.

Being a much younger dog, Rocky really infused energy and some puppy playfulness into Lady. They played together, explored together and cuddled on the couch during down time with their pack leader. This was their routine when it was just the three of us. It was a very special time for all of us. Rocky and I could do very well on our own, but Lady glued it together with her calm, confident energy, making it possible for the Three Amigos to always enjoy our time together. Those were some great times.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Touch me, Pet me, Worship me

Hi, nice to meet you - worthy bipeds
Making herself available in Leavenworth, WA
September 2010

We were sitting on a bench across from these nice ladies. They were working the arts fair, tending their booths. I just dropped the leash and let Lady do her thing. She loved making new friends.

Another new friend in Leavenworth

Monday, March 14, 2011

Love at first sight

Lady's story as depicted on the rescue website.
Written by her foster family
May 2008